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Natural Remedies for Sunburn

Sunburn Remedy / What is Sunburn


Most people do not associate sunburn to a skin burn as if they grab a hot pot on the stove. But sunburn is a radiation burn caused by the radiation emitted by the sun.

Radiation affects immune system of our body, radiation reacts immediately and we almost instantly feel weak and shaky from it. Some people develop a cold right after getting sunburned.

Since sunburn is a burned skin, we focus on soothing the scalded skin and re-building the immune system to help the skin heal.

Step by Step Sunburn Remedy:

As soon as possible, drink  two glasses of water. Sunburn is an injury that produces acid wastes in the body. Neutralize the acid, restore skin ph, and “moisturize” the skin from the inside out with pure water. Increased water intake is needed for the next week because your skin will demand more to assist in healing.

Take a cool, soothing aloe vera gel bath to head off blistering. If the skin is already painful and inflamed, open 6 slippery elm capsules icon and drop into the bathwater. This mild anti-inflammatory cools inflammation, both inside and outside the body. Do not use hot water or chemical bath products. Do not put baby oil on the skin afterwards. Do not use any powder.

Sun Screen Lotion

Make your own soothing skin gel to lock in moisture and speed healing. Mix in 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel to 2 ounces natural vegetable glycerin. Keep refrigerated. Need a good overnight facial moisturizer? Mix 1-tablespoon jojoba oil icon into this, and a pat on your face.

During the healing process, keep your skin covered outside. Since most sunblocks contain high levels of drying alcohol you have to avoid them while you are healing.

Take Twin Lab good tasting, emulsified (creamy orange flavoured) cod liver oil (Vitamin A source) daily to speed skin cell healing. Following instructions on the label, do not overdose. Take 3000 mg. of vitamin C daily to boost collagen production for new skin cells.

Sun protection hat

Most people do not understand that skin cancer is caused by a depressed immune system that, in part, has been damaged from the radiation of the sun. Skin cancer may appear years later. Tanning beds also promote cancer by depressing the immune system.

And what about leathery skin later on? What about advanced ageing? Wear a sunhat outside! Your face will thank you! Who wants to look like a prune face prematurely?

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