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Cleansing is a tool to purify the skin. Cleansing includes a step that should be followed as per proper steps. In case you want to spend your precious money, you can go to a salon to pamper yourself and get your skin to cleanse. If you prefer home remedy then one is shared with you.


The step by step process with clean the skin and will free your pores from the dirt. It will allow your skin to breathe and glow will be seen. It should be done once in 10 days as overdoing of anything can damage the skin. It is a complete process that can be done by self at home.

Washing you face

STEP 1: Wash your face properly

Wash your face with the face wash, foam-based face wash must be avoided. The one with the water base is excellent.



STEP 2: Steam your face to open the pores

Now take a towel and pour it into a hot water tub. Squeeze it and apply towel on the face. Do that 3 times for 5min equally. The towel should not be too hot, as it can burn the face. It should be at a bearable temperature.


STEP 3:  Scrub the face using a scrubber

Use a scrubber which has small granules. Always apply it for 5sec and not more than that, massage in the clockwise direction. Wash the face again with Luke warm water.

Face pack- Fashionsac.com

STEP 4: Apply the face pack

Apply the face pack and let it dry. Wash off with Luke warm water and massage it well.

STEP 5: Apply the toner to your face

Now apply the toner on your face. It will provide the glow to your skin.

moisturise your faceSTEP 6: Finally apply Moisturizer

Apply the moisturizer on your face as it will lock the effect on your face of the whole process.



The whole process is very simple and can be completed in 40min.

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